2017 Election Results

Unfortunately, we lost by 483 votes!! Not much. So that’s a little bit sad but the good news is that I have learnt so much from this and that I will be back to contest the next election with your support. I will post a video tomorrow morning . I just wanted to let you know tonight how things ended up. I really appreciate the support from the people of McAllister and even though I’m not elected I still will ensure that I do not let you down.

November the 1st I officially announced that I was running for the seat of Macalister as an Independent in the Queensland State Election 2017. During the 30 years that I’ve been living in Logan and this electorate I have watched various parties come and go as our representatives, and with them I have seen various promises come and go too. They just take turns in letting us down and to be frank, I’ve had enough. I think we’ve all had enough, and it’s time for action.

This is my community and I feel close to the people who live here as we have grown up together and faced many challenges together. I genuinely believe that I can make a difference, to listen to concerns and address them in parliament.

I have, lived worked and created a family in the Logan area for more than 30 years. My kids went to school here, my husband and I started our small business here and a little organisation called Bravehearts was started here. I am super proud that it has now become the leading child protection organisation in the nation. Now it’s time I took a stand on other issues facing this community. #qldpol