Hetty's Policies

  • I’ll fight for integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability in politics
  • I’ll fight for a federal royal commission into the family law system
  • I’ll fight for the introduction of child advocacy centres – to hear the voices of children
  • I’ll fight for federal mandatory life sentences for repeat child sex offenders.
  • I’ll fight for the national roll-out of the WA model of sex offender disclosure register
  • I’ll fight to keep kids safe
  • I’ll fight for supporting families
  • I’ll fight for women’s right to equity
  • I’ll fight for our elderly and retired
  • I’ll fight for dying with dignity
  • I’ll oppose increased taxes and negative financial imposts on our elderly and retired
  • I’ll oppose non-grandfathered changes to franking credits, capital gains taxes
  • I’ll fight to promote our national interest
  • I’ll fight for a fully independent National Integrity Commission to keep the decision makers honest
  • I’ll fight to ensure decisions that affect our future are based on fact – not fiction and not political opportunism
  • I’ll fight to ensure our Government systems are right, fair and just
  • I’ll fight to stop the offshore sale of Australian assets
  • I’ll fight to stop the sale of our democracy to the highest bidder
  • I’ll fight to introduce a cap on election spending
  • I’ll fight for penalties for overt political deceit
  • I’ll fight for our environmental security and safety
  • I’ll support farmers & their families

Child Protection & Families Policy

Children are our future. Raising strong, healthy, resilient children is the responsibility of all adults in Australia – whether we have children, or not.  The saying that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ has never been truer. What we know I believe all Australian children, young people and families deserve to be protected through a functional legal system and broader community that reflects our Australian values.  However, regardless of the tireless efforts of people working in child protection, the police service, social sector and the legal profession, reality of our children’s experience is that: One in five will be sexually assaulted before age 15 – one every 9 minutes. Most will not disclose but of those that do, most will not be substantiated by authorities. [...]

Transparency & Accountability Policy

It is clear that Australian’s are disillusioned by our governments and, to some extent, the decisions of the public service. Regardless of the huge amount of clever, honest people working in the system, the ‘Canberra bubble’ continues to shock us with decisions that are neither transparent nor fair. It seems that every time we turn on the news, there is a story of another politician or senior leader being paid to meet someone, using travel or other funding for personal reasons, or simply allowing lobbyists access they simply shouldn’t have.  It makes you wonder whether Australian politics are for sale? I believe that Australians want to believe again. We have a right to expect that our parliamentary democracy is honest, accountable, transparent and that decisions are based on [...]

Health & mental health Policy

The Australian health system is world-leading, but is under ongoing threat due to misfocussed funding, workforce shortages, and community access to services, particularly in rural and remote regions. What we know Between public and private hospitals, the primary health system, allied health, community mental health and other services seeking to support individuals and families across our community, there are still people who struggle to access health services.  We know that: According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, around 11 million people living in Australia are living with a chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and arthritis, with one in three presentations to hospitals due to preventable, chronic diseases. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and financially disadvantaged people, are more likely to live [...]

Climate & Energy Policy

We must look after Australia and the earth we live on.  This big, wide, beautiful brown land we live on is under threat by our behaviour and disinterest.  We need to do more. There are ways to support our environment, manage energy as well as increase jobs, the economy of small towns and the nation.  This is not simply a case of this or that.  We are clever enough to do both – Australians are resourceful, particularly when our back is against the wall. Environmental issues If elected, I will push for the koala to be entered onto the Endangered species list. I believe the koala is critically threatened and in urgent need of our protection.  As one of our most loved and recognised animals, we cannot [...]

Affordable Housing & Cost of Living Policy

What we know Housing that is affordable and accessible remains out of reach for many people in Australia.  With housing ownership rates falling, particularly for people under 65 years and those on low incomes, Australia is facing a crisis of accessibility and instability.[1] According to the University of New South Wales and the Australian Council of Social Services, [2] approximately 3.05 million people were living below the poverty line in Australia in 2015-16.  Of these people, around 739,000 were children. In dollar terms, the poverty line in Australia is about $433 per week for singles ($22,500 pa) or $909.00 per week ($47,000pa) for a couple with two children. Electricity prices are going up, with many low-income people choosing between food and electricity.  Additionally, fuel prices, particularly in rural and remote [...]