E-news – Issue #2

E-news - Issue #2 NATURAL CHOICE More than 20 years after I successfully led a grassroots war to stop a toll road being built through South-East Queensland forests and a koala habitat, my passion for the environment remains as strong as ever. That’s why I’m so excited that my potential election to the Federal Senate would allow me to make a real difference in protecting the natural wonders that make our country so special. As my Climate & Energy Policy shows, I will push for the koala to be entered on the endangered species lists and for the Great Barrier Reef’s protection and preservation to be a “priority consideration” of every project impacting the Queensland coast. READ MORE KEEPING THEM HONEST I’m not alone in being disillusioned by our [...]

Post Date: April 23, 2019

E-news – Issue #1

DOWNLOAD HETTY JOHNSTON – e-news #1 E-news - Issue #1 BELIEVE AGAIN Like most Australians, I am sick of the smoke and mirrors our party politicians have become renowned for. The lies. The distractions. The deceptions. We deserve to believe again – and that’s why I have decided to run as an independent Senate candidate in the upcoming Federal Election. With your support, I want to represent Queensland in the Federal Senate and hold our politicians accountable for the words they say and the promises they make. I have never backed away from a fight in my life and this will be one of my biggest yet. Let’s make a difference together. READ MORE LEND A HAND When it comes to tackling the might of the major political parties, I [...]

Post Date: April 11, 2019

Previous Supporters call for help

  I'm reaching out to everyone who has supported me in my child protection and community lobbying work over the years to ask you to get involved with my campaign as an Independent Senate Candidate in Queensland in the upcoming federal election. Our family law system has consistently failed to protect children from sexual assault and violence and, despite 22 years of knocking on the doors of parliament, our politicians have not made our children safer. Now I need your help to bring these issues to the forefront of public debate, and right into the halls and conscience of Canberra - everyday. Volunteer There are many ways you can support the campaign, from helping out at polling booths, following and sharing on social media, to distributing bumper stickers or [...]

Post Date: April 9, 2019