Child protection warrior Hetty Johnston a brave and Independent choice for Macalister

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Child protection warrior Hetty Johnston a brave and Independent choice for Macalister

Bravehearts Founder Hetty Johnston AM has made a commitment to make Queensland the safest state in Australia to raise a child as an Independent candidate for the seat of Macalister in the Queensland State Election.

The 2015 Queensland Australian of the Year will bank on her impeccable social justice track record and proven leadership credentials to convince voters she’s got what it takes when Queenslanders go to the polls on November 25.

“During the 30 years that I’ve been living in Logan and this electorate I have watched various parties come and go as our representatives, and with them I have seen various promises come and go too. They just take turns in letting us down and to be frank, I’ve had enough. I think we’ve all had enough, and it’s time for action,” she said.

“This is my community and I feel close to the people who live here as we have grown up together and faced many challenges together. I genuinely believe that I can make a difference, to listen to concerns and address them in parliament.

“I have, lived, worked and created a family in the Logan area for more than 30 years. My kids went to school here, my husband and I started our small business here and a little organisation called Bravehearts was started here. I am super proud that it has now become the leading child protection organisation in the nation. Now it’s time I took a stand on other issues facing this community.”

Mrs Johnston said while people recognised her for an unwavering commitment to creating child-safe communities and protecting kids, she was now ready to apply her business acumen and to bring leadership skills to support the people and region of Macalister,  as well as its neighbouring suburbs.

“The issue of child protection will always be my priority and that is what motivates me to stand for parliament. My pledge is to make this state the safest in the country for our children,” she said.

“However I have spent the last 21 years focusing solely on the issues around child protection and the time has now come for me to turn my attention to other issues equally important to me as a concerned citizen, mother, grandmother, wife and rate-payer.

“This includes small business and commerce, tourism and most importantly political accountability and transparency. Our community demands political accountability and honesty and that’s what they will get. As an Independent I have no political ties, there’s no strings attached and I can’t be bought.

“I want to apply my business skills and use my influence to ensure that Macalister gets a fair go and can reap the benefits possible by virtue of its amazing people, multiculturalism and enviable location.

“Obviously, I’m incredibly passionate about this community and I will work without fear nor favour to represent the people. They’re my first priority and I won’t let them down.”

Mrs Johnston has won the support of former Logan City Council Mayor Pam Parker who called her a ‘champion for the people’.

“We need more people like Hetty in leadership to give hope for the future. She is champion for the people,” said Mrs Parker, who as mayor inducted Mrs Johnston into the City of Logan’s Wall of Acclaim of services to the community.

“Hetty will give hope to the people of Logan and Macalister and she will courageously rock the boat to ensure the needs of the region are addressed. It takes passion and strength of character to do what she does.

“I hope Macalister is fortunate enough to have you as their strong voice in Parliament and watch the benefits flow their way.”

Mrs Johnston, a former Queensland Leader of the then Australian Democrats, is no stranger to fighting for the people and their environment. That bold sense of social activism and a commitment to bravely take a stand, stopped a proposed toll road through the suburbs, forests and koala habitat.

“I’m probably known for not taking a backward step if something needs to be said or an injustice needs to be rectified. I think the people of Macalister know that I’ll be their voice in parliament, a brave and strong voice that will not be compromised,” she said.

Mrs Johnston said she would remain on the Bravehearts Board as Chair and Founder and continue to be the national spokesperson as well as offer advice when required to fight for the rights of children.

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