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E-news – Issue #2


E-news – Issue #2


More than 20 years after I successfully led a grassroots war to stop a toll road being built through South-East Queensland forests and a koala habitat, my passion for the environment remains as strong as ever. That’s why I’m so excited that my potential election to the Federal Senate would allow me to make a real difference in protecting the natural wonders that make our country so special. As my Climate & Energy Policy shows, I will push for the koala to be entered on the endangered species lists and for the Great Barrier Reef’s protection and preservation to be a “priority consideration” of every project impacting the Queensland coast. READ MORE


I’m not alone in being disillusioned by our governments and, to some extent, the decisions of the public service. The ‘Canberra bubble’ continues to shock us with decisions that are neither transparent nor fair. If elected to the Senate, I will do everything possible to change that by fighting for measures designed to hold politicians accountable to the people they are meant to serve. I’m talking about a properly resourced National Integrity Commission, a stringent whistleblower protection authority and tougher rules on political donations, lobbying and conflicts of interest. READ MORE


The Government once again showed it’s true colours when it waited until a day before calling the election to table the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) Report on the Family Law System. Several days on and I’m still furious at the blatant attempt to stifle any meaningful discussion about a review that had the potential to not only change but save lives. Sadly, the ALRC failed to deliver the recommendation so desperately needed – a Royal Commission into a broken system – instead proposing that control of the family law system be handed to the states and territories, rather than the Commonwealth. What a disgrace! READ MORE


As disappointing as it is, money talks when it comes to elections and I’m very much fighting this campaign with one hand tied behind my back. While the major political parties have a war chest overflowing with funding and resources, I’m relying on my own savings and the incredible support of people who believe in the change I will bring to a Parliament House in dire need of a fresh voice. If you would like to join them in lending a financial hand, CLICK HERE. Likewise, I’d be eternally grateful to anyone open to volunteering their time during my campaign, SIGN UP TODAY.

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