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E-news – Issue #3

E-news – Issue #3


As these newsletters highlight, I want to represent Queensland in the Federal Senate for many reasons – but child protection will always be my number one priority. It breaks my heart that after fighting so hard for children and families for more than 20 years, our politicians still fail to treat the harm being inflicted on our most vulnerable souls as the national emergency it is. If elected, I will push harder than ever for the major parties to support a Royal Commission into the family law system and the nationwide introduction of Child Advocacy Centres that put the best interests of the child at the centre of the entire legal process.  READ MORE


I should no longer be surprised by just how far our unscrupulous politicians will go to win power, but I was stunned – and outraged – by the Liberals’ decision to preference the likes of Clive Palmer, One Nation and Fraser Anning ahead of me on their Senate how-to-vote cards. As a true independent, I chose not to do preference deals but the Liberals had no qualms preferencing a self-serving coal baron and candidates who stir the racial pot ahead of a respected and trusted child protection advocate. It seems the PM has turned his back on Aussie kids as easily as Mr Palmer walked away from paying his hard-working employees in Townsville.


Since announcing my Women’s Policy, a few people have asked me why I want an overhaul of judicial laws to ensure mandatory prison sentences for people who commit domestic violence murders and assaults resulting in significant injuries. I tell them how at least one woman is murdered every week by a man she knows, be it her husband, lover, ex-partner or father. I explain that an Australian boy or girl is killed by a parent every 19 days. Enough is enough! We need tougher laws, increased funding for services and helplines, and an annual National Day of Commemoration for victims of domestic violence.


Between dozens of candidates, backroom preference deals and an enormous ballot paper, voting for the Senate can be confusing. That’s why the crucial thing to remember if you want to see me in the Federal Senate is to look for column ‘R’.

HETTY HAS DRAWN COLUMN ‘R‘ on the white ballot paper. You can choose to vote in one of two ways, firstly above the line or secondly below the line.

  • EITHER – Above the line: Find column R, place a number 1in the blank box (no names) ABOVE the line, then number at least 5 more parties of your choice (minimum 6 in total).
  • OR – Below the line: Find column R, place a number 1in the box BELOW the line next to Hetty Johnston. Place a number 2in the box next to Sue Mureau then number at least 10 more names below the line (minimum 12 in total).

You will have to assign numbers to multiple candidates but gifting me your number 1 vote is the sure-fire way to help me hold our politicians to account. Six Queenslanders will be elected to the Senate this year and, if I am fortunate enough to be one of them, I guarantee no parties or other candidates will be telling me what to say or do once there.

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how to vote for Hetty

As disappointing as it is, money talks when it comes to elections and I’m very much fighting this campaign with one hand tied behind my back. While the major political parties have a war chest overflowing with funding and resources, I’m relying on my own savings and the incredible support of people who believe in the change I will bring to a Parliament House in dire need of a fresh voice. If you would like to join them in lending a financial hand, CLICK HERE. Likewise, I’d be eternally grateful to anyone open to volunteering their time during my campaign, SIGN UP TODAY.

Please sign up today!


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