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E-news – Issue #4

E-news – Issue #4



I’ve heard some politicians privately bemoan having to travel far and wide during election campaigns but you’ll never hear me complaining. I’m relishing the chance this week to visit so many of Queensland’s wonderful communities and, more importantly, get to chat with the locals who make them so great. From Cairns to the Sunshine Coast and countless stops between, I’m listening to what regional Queenslanders think about the state of Federal politics and their concerns have reinforced why I’ve accepted this challenge. People just to want believe again! Keep an eye on my travels HERE and make sure you drop by to say hello.



It’s not every day a mayor invites you to breakfast and such invitations don’t come much more special than the one I received from Keith Campbell last week. I was honoured to be asked by Keith to speak at his Mayor’s Community Charity Breakfast in Kingaroy and felt grateful to share a few insights into my past, my policies and why I can’t wait to hold our Federal politicians accountable. Keith does a wonderful job advocating for the people of the South Burnett Region and I was touched to receive his endorsement for election to the Senate. READ MORE 

A big thank you to former Mayor, now Councillor, Ray Brown of Dalby and former Mayor of Logan, Pam Parker who also support Australia’s children and my campaign. Real people who care about real people.



As May 18 draws closer, I’m increasingly overwhelmed by the people who have put up their hands to support my campaign. It’s no secret I don’t have the funding or resources of the major parties or a certain billionaire but what we lack in dollars, we sure make up for with passion. From posters in yards and bumper stickers on cars to people sharing my social media posts, it’s gratifying to know our small army is going above and beyond to have their voices heard. We do need more volunteers to help out at polling booths on the big day and while that may seem like a tough job, it’s not as tough as it is for the abused children we’re fighting for. If you can help support my Senate bid, register now at



It’s never easy asking for donations but I’m not asking for me, I’m asking for all Australia’s children.

If each of the 1 in 5 Queenslanders who have been sexually assaulted, and those that know and love them, donated $10 I could let everyone in this state know that I’m running and why. Then I could bring our children’s voices to Canberra.

I’m doing my best to reach as many voters as possible in the lead-up to the election, but the harsh reality is only a fraction of Queenslanders will get to hear my message first-hand. Oh, what I would give to be able to personally share my thoughts with each and every one of them. Instead I have to rely on other means to connect with them and that includes advertising. In the final days of this campaign, I’m desperate to expand our paid marketing campaign as far as possible and to do that I need help.

If you can help, visit where every dollar is not only appreciated but will make a difference.


If there is one thing I beg you to remember when it comes time to vote for the Senate, it’s the letter R. That’s right – it’s in column R on that enormous white ballot paper that you’ll find me. Putting your number 1 in that blank square above the line will go a long way towards changing lives for the better.

Tell your family.

Tell your friends.

Column R.

Please sign up today!


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