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E-news – Issue #5


E-news – Issue #5


Every voter needs to know that our kids need their help on voting day.  You’ll find an un-named box in column R above the line on the large white senate ballot paper. Mark it with the number 1, then go on to choose your own preferences after that.

As Saturday’s election draws closer, more and more people have been asking me how they can help get me to Canberra so I can start holding our politicians to account. My first response is ask them to give children and integrity a voice and to vote for me in Column R. Make no mistake – I’m in the fight of my life and every vote that comes my way is one vote closer to success.

No matter who you support in the House of Reps, please make kids your priority and Vote 1 for me in my column R on the senate ballot paper.



I NEED A PURPLE ARMY on polling day.  It is so exciting, there is so much good will out there.  People are listening.  At last our kids can win a voice in the halls of power, but not without your help.

Please, help me at polling booths across Queensland on Saturday. While I’ll be visiting as many electorates as I can, the passion of my purple army will be crucial in spreading my message and reminding voters to “give the kids a voice by voting 1 Hetty Johnston, Column R for the Senate.”  If you are able to help, even for the smallest amount of time, please register at



If voters require any further proof that we need a champion for children elected to the Senate, consider this statistic – 80% of child sexual assault allegations in Family Court cases since 2012 were disbelieved by the judge, despite the fact that research tells us kids tell the truth in 95-98% of cases.   That is one of the preliminary findings of a major research project I’ve highlighted at the launch of my Child and Families Policy – and all the more reason why we desperately need a Royal Commission into our dysfunctional family law system.

Research overwhelmingly shows children are more likely not to disclose a sexual assault at all than to make false allegations.  However, the culture of disbelief and ignorance that permeates the family law system means they are not being
listened to.

Our children have been abandoned by our major parties, left to live with child sex offenders or be beaten. One child every 19 days is killed by a parent.  Please help me change that – vote 1 Hetty Johnston! READ MORE 



What a state! What a week! Over the past week or more I have had the pleasure of driving hundreds of kilometres from the Far North to the South-East and sharing time with thousands of proud Queenslanders. The past month has been an emotional roller-coaster but I’m feeling more energised than ever after hearing first-hand why my campaign for the Senate is so important.

People are sick of career politicians not delivering for them. They are over the deception and lies of our political parties. They want to believe again; people want integrity in politics and I’m determined to ensure they get it. Thank you regional Queensland – for the help, the smiles, the waves, the hugs and, most of all, the motivation. Revisit my travels here



In a few days the election will be over and, with your help, our children will have a voice in the Senate. Hopefully integrity will take a seat in the Senate and Queensland will have a representative they can believe in. Meanwhile, keep fighting Queensland…. we are cutting through, the response by voters at the pre-polls has been incredible.

Voters are as fed up as we are.  All our kids need now is more help on polling booths, more donations – we can do this. I’ve been blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of our volunteers and supporters. What this campaign has lacked in size, it has made up for with a true sense of community that I believe will drive us to the sweetest moment of all this weekend. I asked Queenslanders to believe again – and they’ve done that and more. Visit

Please sign up today!


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