My Pledge

My first and most important policy is my Pledge.  I promise to apply this pledge to every decision and action I undertake, during the election and, if elected, after.  It will underpin all my policy positions.  You can rely on it.

Importantly, it is only by virtue of being an Independent that provides me the freedom to be able to  honestly make and honestly deliver on this pledge.

My pledge to voters

  1. I will only accept donations that have no strings attached and no expectations other than that I will do my duty for the people of Macalister. An accountable and transparent process will be applied to all donations received.
  2. I will be your voice in parliament, a brave and strong voice that will not be bought or compromised.
  3. My dedication to the protection of all children is unwavering and will always remain my first priority.
  4. I will be fully transparent.
  5. Fairness, truth, justice and integrity shall underpin all actions I undertake.
  6. I will stand up for the community, lifestyles, environment and economy. At all times, I shall ensure only sustainable, transparent and ethical development takes place.
  7. I will employ an open mind, reasoned debate, research and consultation with my electorate and experts so as to arrive at well informed and properly considered policy decisions.
  8. I will ensure that the best interests of the people of Macalister remain my priority at all times – without compromise.
  9. I retain a conscience vote on every issue.
  10. I will work with all elected representatives in the Parliament fairly and openly to ensure stable and effective government.