Elders in our Community

Our older Queensland citizens have built this nation. I have so much respect and admiration for our elderly and their continued contribution to our community, to our humanity, to our history and to our future. Their legacy is the foundation upon which we, our children and our grandchildren will build.

There are so many issues facing our older Australians, so much unfairness, fear and loneliness but also much joy and pride. They are increasingly vulnerable and so we must respect, protect and care for them. We must defend them against exploitation, neglect and abuse. We must care!

I saw a poster in my Doctor’s surgery that truly rocked me. It still breaks my heart just to look at it.

While I accept and am grateful that most people and companies that work in this “Industry” treat these Australians with fairness and respect, a small percentage use the opportunity to “feather their own nest” at the expense of our elders. These people should be flushed out of this industry. Companies that exploit our vulnerable Australians by deception or other unconscionable means must be subject to penalties that reflect the gravity of the behaviour. This includes individual employees, managers, CEO’s and board members. In serious abuse cases incarceration should be an option as well as a mandatory ban from working in the industry.

I believe it is unconscionable and immoral for companies and or individuals to use predatory behaviour towards older citizens who in their later years are clearly suffering from any one of the number of age related diseases that may result in mental and physical decline. This includes those that don’t have these age related diseases, but are merely ‘slowing up’ mentally as they age.

To these ends I intend to research, consult and explore legislation that will protect these vulnerable Senior Australians from exploitation, neglect, abuse and intimidation, regardless of whether they live in “Not For Profit” or “For Profit” age/residential care accommodation.

Issues facing the elderly will be high on my agenda if elected. They hold a special place in my heart.