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Looking forward to seeing you in the Senate!

Post Date: May 10, 2019

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I believe in giving children and adult survivors the voice thry need to tell their stories, and eventually be free of their past to create a future that is not destroyed like their past was. I believe in protecting the vulnerable children and people in our society and that as humans alike, we should helping, not harming each other I believe in Brave Hearts and Hetty Johnston

Post Date: May 10, 2019

E-news – Issue #4

E-news - Issue #4   ON THE ROAD - PART 1 I’ve heard some politicians privately bemoan having to travel far and wide during election campaigns but you’ll never hear me complaining. I’m relishing the chance this week to visit so many of Queensland’s wonderful communities and, more importantly, get to chat with the locals who make them so great. From Cairns to the Sunshine Coast and countless stops between, I’m listening to what regional Queenslanders think about the state of Federal politics and their concerns have reinforced why I’ve accepted this challenge. People just to want believe again! Keep an eye on my travels HERE and make sure you drop by to say hello.   A MAYORAL ENDORSEMENT It’s not every day a mayor invites you to breakfast and such invitations [...]

Post Date: May 9, 2019

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You are an amazing human Hetty - backing you all the way

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No pressure but you must get in !

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