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My 30 Minutes with Kendall Gilding

Hetty Johnston Kendall Gilding November 1, 2017 Hetty Johnston is a female powerhouse. More than 20 years ago she took a stand against child sexual abuse and she hasn't stop fighting since. Hetty is the kind of person who makes you question what you're doing with your life. Not through guilt, but by inspiring people to help, to do more, to make a difference! When we sat down, it was our first official meeting. I caught Hetty at a significant time in her life - a crossroads. It's easy to see that what Hetty 'does' and who Hetty 'is' are inextricably linked. You'll understand. I hope you enjoy 'My 30 Minutes' with Hetty Johnston. Tell me about your life, what does it look like at the moment? I’ve just stood down as CEO [...]