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Peta Kaye Croft – Testimonial

Former State Member for Broadwater Peta-Kaye Croft has thrown her support behind Hetty Johnston’s campaign for the Senate in Queensland.

Ms Croft said “I am absolutely stunned by the process of the Family Court system in Australia. Anyone involved in this process would know it is costly, frightening and potentially has consequences that can impact people’s lives. Hetty is the only candidate in this federal election who is talking about this flawed system and the impact it is having in the lives of children and families.

“The only people who win in the family court are the judges and registrars who are so removed from reality it’s unbelievable.“

Hetty is the only candidate willing to listen to people’s stories of this system and is the only politician proposing any new ideas to improve the process for better outcomes.

Hetty is not prepared to accept that it is a system that is too hard to fix or highlight its flaws.

Child sexual assault is an issue we as a community should not turn a blind eye to, it’s a major issue along with Domestic Violence that our agencies are becoming too immune to, and despite people thinking our government is doing its best – it’s not and the people in the community that face these issues are becoming disillusioned. This should not be happening and only Hetty has the determination to fix it and the empathy to listen.

“In my view, they are the qualities of a candidate that I want in the Senate.”

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