Justice, Law and Order

Lobbying to ensure that the ‘time fits the crime’ has been a great part of my success for over 20 years. Many years of pointing to the difference between justice and law.  Over 20 years pleading with successive governments to ensure community expectations are met in sentencing and in legislation.

This work continues today. I have spent over two decades debating with the lawmakers and judiciary over policy and fighting for a fair go for Queensland’s citizens.

My agitation has resulted in new legislation including the Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders Act  (DPSOA) 2003, the Two Strikes (for child sex offender’s legislation), the rights for parents and children to speak publicly and the introduction of Amber Alerts just to name a few.

I work hard to provide a consistent voice in the media pointing to inadequacies in systems and legislation and apply pressure to the system to change.  This work has reaped many benefits for our community over the past 20 plus years in terms of justice outcomes, legal outcomes, preventative outcomes, policy outcomes, sentencing outcomes and downright common sense.

The Ice epidemic, unemployment and familial dysfunction are wreaking havoc in our suburbs.  Crime is growing.  We all have the right to feel safe and I will fight for that right.

We need to do all we can to prevent the preventable, to be as tough on prevention as we are on retribution and punishment.  We need new approaches.  I am keen to speak to the people of Macalister on this issue and to promote new ways to address these serious issues.

I will always continue to fight for the rights of our community to be safe, for strong preventative programs, for fair and reasonable judicial outcomes and always, for our right to be protected from known, dangerous criminals.