Political Representation

Reclaim Our Democracy

We need to reclaim our Democracy – to represent the people not the party.

Political parties just take turns in letting us down.

They appear more concerned about what’s going for them than what’s going on for us – more focused on fighting for their jobs, not ours.  Looking after their party’s best interests not our communities – more engaged in political point scoring than solving the issues facing us.  Jobs, roads, small business, public transport, energy, education, environment, health, aged care…. the list of issues desperately needing real attention and practical solutions is endless.

Enough is Enough.  We need to reclaim our Democracy.

This time ‘Get Real’.  I will make you proud.

Help Hetty Reclaim Our Democracy

We need to reclaim our democracy – starting here in Macalister.  I need your help.

Politics is becoming out of reach for ordinary Australians.  We are becoming more and more like America where democratic participation is only for the rich and powerful – or the corruptible.

Enough is enough!

We need to change this.  I don’t have the money to run a slick political campaign but I’m counting on  you – the voters, the people.

I passionately want to represent the electorate of Macalister, to fearlessly stand up for the issues that matter to us.  To say what needs to be said. The only way that is going to happen is with your help.

What I know is that as an independent, free of party political strings, I am the only candidate truly able to prioritise the people of Macalister – without fear, favour or compromise – EVERY TIME.

The time to get real about addressing the issues that affect our community is now.  The time is right. Our democracy is broken and I’m determined to do everything in my power to fix it.

The community needs a voice they can trust, a voice the community can rely on.

I believe I am the best person to get the job done.

The best interests of our citizens need to be heard. Their interests need to come first, not last.  Our community needs honest, unencumbered and uncompromised political representation that unites rather than divides, that respects not scorns, that has the capacity to deliver the changes needed to deliver a fair go for all.

I am concerned at the increased levels of fear and hate being peddled as policy.  I am concerned that money and sex are increasingly driving our culture and sending our morals spiralling to the lowest common denominator.  I am concerned to see our respect and empathy for each other reaching new lows.  I am concerned for every-day Queenslanders like me, who need strong, honest and robust democratic debate to challenge the status quo and to make courageous decisions to improve our lifestyles and opportunities.

Politics has become a profession not a calling.  And the needs of voters have been lost in the transition.

We need a strong and effective community voice, a voice that won’t let us down, we need a voice of reason and resolve, a voice that will always put the interests of the community first instead of those of the Party, the Unions, their donors or themselves, their partners or their friends.  OUR interests must always come first.  That is why I am running as an Independent.

A new way to do Democracy

We need to start electing real people with real vision, genuine passion and commitment to the people in this community and represent each and every person with honour and respect.  Queensland needs people with the drive, intelligence, experience, strength and integrity to think and speak for their electorate – not to simply do the bidding of their Party and its leader.

We need genuine people who’ve demonstrated their capacity to be guided by independent thinking, ideas, passion and experience. People who have earned the respect of their community and who have demonstrated runs on the board.  Real people who have earned your vote in their own right because they have the capacity to create and deliver real change.

I believe the impact of Party politics on democracy plays a huge role in the failing standards of political representation available to our nation.  The quality and motivation of candidates, the ranking of their loyalties and priorities leaves individuals without a voice and positioned at the bottom of the pile.  The race for power and control leads to dodgy decisions, dodgy deals and even dodgier representation.

Party politics makes bobble-heads of even the most well-intentioned candidate.  First they’re required to sign up and then they’re required to shut up.   Candidates that yes when they mean no, candidates who do as directed by their Party.

Quality Independents, backed by their communities need to unite as a voting block and bring true representation and authentic debate back to our parliament.  No more wasting time and taxpayer money with petty political games.  Let’s Get Real.

Until now, elections have been an exercise in periodically “changing Party jockeys” in the diminishing hope that things might change.  Sadly, we are always disappointed.  They just take turns in letting us down.

Our Parliament needs real people with real proven vision. Our Parliament needs quality Independents with a real commitment to the purpose of government – to serve the people of this state.  We need real people with real life experience. People who have already made a real difference to society through their demonstrated community work. We need real Independents prepared to be a genuine and uncompromised voice for the real people of this state. Independents willing and able to work together to achieve outcomes in the best interests of Queensland. Independents motivated by community issues not donors or political puppeteers. 

We need real Independent members of parliament prepared to stand up without fear, favour or compromise for the real people who elected them – every time. 

The only way to Get Real is to vote for a quality, proven Independent.