Transport and Roads

Gold Coast – Brisbane corridor

Say NO to more Toll-roads

As a person who continues to travel the M1 almost daily, I join most residents in condemning successive Party-political governments, State and Federal for their lack of urgent attention to the gridlock that is now common place on the M1.  Gridlock that has strangled our local economy, jobs, liveability, air quality and damaged the reputation of our city for over 25 years.

Finally, the current State government has announced a pre-election promise to address part of the problem by upgrading a small part of the current M1.  Meanwhile the LNP Opposition has announced they would instead build a totally new alternative road.

Given the lack of government funds available for such massive tasks, I am on the alert and ready to fight against any proposal that involves the construction of privately owned and tolled public road infrastructure.  I am against private Toll-roads 100% and will vote as such if given the opportunity.

The good folk of Sydney are inundated with toll roads which are costing some families and businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year to use.  Brisbane is quickly heading in the same direction.  Tolls are overheads prohibitive to the success of small business, the transport industry, tourism and job opportunities. We cannot allow that situation to occur here in Queensland.

I will not support paying a toll to a private operator on what should be publicly funded and operated infrastructure.  If we must have a toll it should be a Government toll and it should be removed once the road is paid for.

The same gridlock is continuing to mount on the Mt Lindsay Hwy, choking the life out of communities along its path.

Government must take responsibility for ensuring the infrastructure needed to support proposed development precedes the approvals of such development.  Failure to do so across all levels of government is wreaking havoc on businesses, large and small, on working families, on road safety, on jobs and the delivery of emergency services as well as on the broader Queensland economy.

Public transport

Of course, much of the traffic congestion could be alleviated with effective public transport options.  All sorts of opportunities, new technology and capabilities will make alternative transport options more and more available in the coming years, hopefully all reducing the need to build more roads.

In the meantime however, we need action to address the gridlock and provide alternative transport options for our families and workers.