The Issues

I decided to run in this election because I want to do everything possible to make Queensland the safest place in Australia to raise a child.  But I also want to challenge our current political system which I believe is failing us.  I want to improve the opportunities for small business, I want our legal system to deliver justice to victims and protect our communities as their first priority… these are just a few.

As this campaign progresses more issues will arise and you will get to know me better but, in the meantime, here are some to start with.

1. Political Representation

Reclaim Our Democracy

We need to reclaim our Democracy – to represent the people not the party. Political parties just take turns in letting us down.Learn More »

2. Political Transparency and Accountability

Lets get rid of corruption!

Corruption is one of the greatest challenges of the contemporary world.  Corruption undermines good government, distorts public policy, leads to the misallocation of resources, harms private and public-sector development and particularly hurts the poor. Tackling corruption is only possible with the cooperation of a wide range of stakeholders.Learn More »

3. In the Best interests of the Child

The safety, protection and well-being of our children will always remain my priority issue.

I need your help to make Queensland the safest place in Australia to raise a child – starting in Macalister!Learn More »

4. Elders in our Community

Our older Queensland citizens have built this nation.

Our older Queensland citizens have built this nation. I have so much respect and admiration for our elderly and their continued contribution to our community, to our humanity, to our history and to our future.Learn More »

5. Justice – Law and Order

time fits the crime

This work continues today. I have spent over two decades debating with the lawmakers and judiciary over policy and fighting for a fair go for Queensland’s citizens.Learn More »

6. Transport and Roads

Say NO to more Toll-roads

As a person who continues to travel the M1 almost daily, I join most residents in condemning successive Party-political governments, State and Federal for their lack of urgent attention to the gridlock that is now common place on the M1.Learn More »

7. Business, Commerce and Tourism

Hetty Johnston AM, GAICD

With nationally recognised success in business and entrepreneurship I have demonstrated that I love a challenge.  I love to innovate and to think outside of the box. I get results.Learn More »

8. Women

Being a woman is complex

It is rewarding beyond words but also infuriatingly challenging.  These are my thoughts – for all women.  We are all different but also, so the same.Learn More »

9. Environment

Sustainable development and commerce is needed

I believe in sustainable development that respects the earth and preserves our children’s future.Learn More »

10. Other issues

Government has a lot to answer for

Of course, there are many other issues facing Queensland voters including our power crisis, a crisis we never should have had in the first place!Learn More »